Psychology Major and Minor

Psychology is a field of inquiry devoted to understanding human thought and behavior. Although largely concerned with the study of humans, other animals are studied as well, often with a specific interest in comparing their behavior to that of humans. Psychology is a blend of paradigms or ways of understanding. Some approaches view psychology as a science, while others emphasize the applied, eclectic nature of the discipline. Psychology has its roots and shares its goals with many neighboring fields such as philosophy, physiology, and sociology. The Psychology Department faculty reflects the diverse nature of the discipline by representing a wide range of conceptions and interests in psychology.

Psychology Students

Psychology at a glance


Of Psychology students report employment within the first eight months of graduation.

Learning Outcomes in Psychology

Our discussion of the goals and objectives for the psychology major begins with a list of the skills and abilities that we view as being particular to students of this discipline. Students who successfully complete a major in psychology should be able to:

Evaluate and use current theoretical and research trends in psychology.

Design and implement a research study including the development of hypotheses that are testable within the context of acceptable research strategies.

Recognize the ethical aspects and implications of psychological research and practice.

Synthesize information arising from different sub-areas of psychology.

Understand the application of psychology to personal and social issues.

Recognize and understand the complexity of sociocultural diversity.

Equipment and Opportunities


Our complex gives students opportunities far advanced over most undergraduate colleges, including a recent investment of more than $500,000.


Access to more than 60 proprietary databases and faculty-designed material provides students with information from every part of the globe.

Isis Offutt, Alumna

Class of 2019, Psychology Major/Writing Minor

“ One thing that I really treasure about Allegheny is the small class size. My favorite professors are from the Psychology Department; they go above and beyond to get you to succeed in their classes. The overall environment is so open and caring. I’m never afraid to speak up. ”

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