Lydia Eckstein
Associate Professor; Department Chair
Social & political psychology; intergroup conflict, violence, and aggression; predictors and justification of unethical behavior
Office: (814) 332-5955
Carnegie Hall 225, Box 39


Megan Bertholomey
Assistant Professor
Neuroscience; drug-seeking (especially alcohol); behavioral pharmacology; influence of stress and sex hormones on mental illness
Office: (814) 332-3866
Carnegie Hall 204, Box 39
Monali Chowdhury
Associate Professor
(1) Developmental topics in college students including but not limited to (a) social media use, mobile phone use, dating behavior etc., (b) mental health wellness, stigma, and help seeking in college students; (2) Autism spectrum disorders and community support programs in Meadville for these populations
Office: (814) 332-2390
Carnegie Hall 201, Box 39
Rodney Clark
Behavioral pharmacology; operant behavior; drugs and society; biomedical ethics
Office: (814) 332-4960
Carnegie Hall 21
Nancy Frambes
Visiting Assistant Professor
Drugs and human behavior; alcohol and cannabis use in college students
Office: (814) 332-2394
Carnegie Hall 223, Box 39
Juvia P. Heuchert
Professor Emerita
Clinical psychology; psychopathology; peace psychology
Office: (814) 332-2397
Vukovich Center 303, Box 39
Jeff Hollerman
Associate Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience; Chair of Neuroscience Program
Neurophysiology and anatomy of motivational and cognitive systems
Office: (814) 332-2389
Carnegie Hall 17
Stanislaw Kolek
Visiting Assistant Professor
Human Factors Psychology; Neuroanatomy; Attention; Perception; Learning; Psychology in sports; vulnerable road users; driver training; driving styles; hazard perception in driving; statistics and data reduction
Office: (814) 332-2706
Carnegie Hall 210, Box 39
Christopher Normile
Assistant Professor
Psychology and Law; Police interrogations and false confessions; perceptions of wrongfully convicted exonerees; juror decision-making; teaching and learning of statistics
Office: (814) 332-2186
Carnegie Hall 214
Bavani Paneerselvam
Visiting Assistant Professor; Diversity Teaching Fellow
Human memory; testing effect; Metacognition; STEM motivation interventions
Office: (814) 332-3620
Carnegie Hall 208, Box 39
Lauren Paulson
Associate Professor
Eating disorders/disordered eating, and body image, exercise; supervision and professional development; rural issues and concerns; community counseling
Office: (814) 332-2468
Carnegie Hall 202, Box 39
Ryan Pickering
Associate Professor
Social & sustainability psychology; human physiology; stereotype threat; disclosure of stigmatized identity; impact of current and childhood socioeconomic status
Office: (814) 332-3210
Carnegie Hall 203, Box 39
Kristen Warren
Assistant Professor
Human cognitive neuroscience; episodic memory; interactions between cognitive systems, sleep, aging, and disease; human neurophysiology and plasticity
Office: (814) 332-2392
Carnegie Hall 207, Box 39
Headshot of Kristen Warren