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Philosophy Major and Minor

Philosophy inquires into structures that form the basis of all that exists, the ways we can justify our claims to knowledge, and the values and goals that guide individuals and societies.

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Your Four-Year Journey

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Philosophy majors begin by studying fundamental elements of the field. Courses include: The Examined Life, Learning from Arguments, Values and Knowledge, Ethics and Community

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200-level focus courses may be selected by entering students: Knowledge and understanding – The Theory of Knowledge, Scientific understanding – Science in its Cultural Setting, and Mind and Brain, Social philosophy – Oppression and Liberation, and Business and Professional Ethics

Advanced studies are arranged as seminar discussions. Courses include: Global Justice, Freedom, Addiction and the Opioid Crisis, Medical Ethics. The Philosophy Seminar is completed in the junior or senior year of study, a topical analysis for all majors that features our most advanced work.


The Senior Comp is a tutorial arrangement, an individualized course of study that develops a student's original thesis with the research guidance of a faculty member over two semesters. Individualized programs of study may be approached in consultation with a faculty member.

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William Sifiso Chapman, Alumnus

Class of 2019

“ Professors at Allegheny are highly trained in utilizing the complexity of the philosophical tradition to develop tools for personal development and career interests. Young adults must learn skills which empower them to lead their own lives. ”