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Journalism and Documentary Storytelling Minor

As a Journalism and Documentary Storytelling student, you'll combine practical training in journalism with examination of the sociopolitical role of journalism. You'll consider what it means to be a responsible citizen in a journalistic context.

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Your Four-Year Journey

Students often combine a Journalism and Documentary Storytelling Minor with a major in Biology, Community and Justice Studies, Economics, Environmental Science and Sustainability, History, or Political Science.


The Journalism and Documentary Storytelling Minor starts with Newswriting, the first journalism practice course. Start to engage yourself in real-life newsgathering, writing, copy-editing, and revision within short deadlines of a traditional news writing practice.

New Approaches

In the second year, you'll typically take your first journalism synthesis course, Journalism and Democracy in the U.S. The course examines the history of journalism in the U.S. and its connection with the practice of democracy. Consider the current media landscape, challenges, and opportunities it presents for developing an informed, responsible citizenry.

Delving Deeper

Two advanced courses are open in the third year of those with theJournalism and Documentary Storytelling Minor. Multimedia Journalism expands students' experience beyond print media to audio, video, and interactive digital media stories. Meanwhile, Case Studies in Investigation is organized around investigative case studies-journalistic pieces that exposed unjust, criminal, or socially problematic situations and brainstorm how remedies can be created for those situations.

The Comp

If they haven't already done so, students in their final year of the Journalism and Documentary Storytelling Minor may complete two semesters of internship with the student newspaper, The Campus, or take a Topics in Journalism course, which varies but often incorporates photojournalism or beat reporting.

Alana Sabol, Student

Class of 2022, Environmental Science and Sustainability Major/Journalism in the Public Interest Minor

“ [JPI] covers many different ways that one can be a journalist, from writing hard news to being more media based and taking photos and videos. At Allegheny, I’ve met some of the most involved, passionate, and encouraging educators that I’ve ever had. ”

Career Outcomes


of Allegheny graduates are employed, in grad school, or in full-time service within six months.


Acceptance rate to graduate and professional school for Allegheny students