Allegheny Astronomy students aim for the stars

The cosmos are within your grasp at Allegheny. We’ll help you expand your skills beyond the classroom with hands on experiences that take you out of your textbook and into the real world.

Our astronomy students enhance their learning through internships, research with faculty, community engagement, study away, and more.

Students in the planetarium
Students using a space telescope
Campus facilities

What better way to study the stars than to see for yourself? We have multiple on-campus facilities that astronomy students become all too familiar with, including:

  • Planetarium with full-dome digital projector
  • On-campus observatory
  • Radio telescope
Astronomy Club

The Astronomy Club’s goal is to learn about and share the amazing universe we live in with any student that has an interest in space, astronomy, and the stars. Many astronomy students join Astro Club to meet students with similar interests and host fun events year round.

Student watches eclipse through protective glasses
Student-Faculty Collaboration

Many astronomy minors carry out independent humanities research or collaborative research with faculty in addition to the Senior Comp.

Allegheny’s Office of Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activities provides funding for student research during the summer and for travel to regional and national conferences throughout the year. 

Recent Senior Comps

The Senior Comp is the culmination of four years of experience, imagination, and study. It is the moment when you demonstrate what you’ve learned by teaching us something new.

Mass Bound and Mass Ejecta in Collisions Between Stars and Black Holes

Exploring the Milky Way Through 21 cm Radio Emission: What Can We Observe From Allegheny's Own Carrden?