Visual and Performing Arts

Art, Science, and Innovation Major and Minor

In the Art, Science, and Innovation program, you'll prepare to become a cultural innovator and critical maker who can produce works of visual art that transcend disciplinary boundaries. You'll blend practical skill development with critical thinking in ways that set you up to be a creative industry leader.

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your four-year journey

Students often combine Art, Science, and Innovation with a major or minor in Biology, Business, Computer Science, English, Environmental Science and Sustainability, or Psychology.


Build foundational digital skills like video editing and design while also learning fundamental traditional skills in disciplines such as drawing or photography. You’ll pair these applied experiences with classes in critical theory and history, bolstered by formative experiences in a scientific discipline of your choosing.

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New Approaches

In year two, you'll begin to meaningfully integrate research in theory, science, and art to build your capacity to be a critical creator. Take courses in media production, advanced design classes, and traditional mediums like painting or ceramics. Continue to develop your understanding in a scientific discipline like computer science or biology and start to see how you might integrate disciplines in unexpected ways.

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Delving Deeper

Year three is where discipline-specific skills in art and science coalesce and your self-directed projects will critically address the most pressing issues of our time. Practical, industry-standard skills will be used in unexpected and exciting ways to produce works of art and design that transcend disciplinary boundaries. Classes like Art/Science Special Topics and Robotic Agents develop critical thinking about technologies and scientific discourse.

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The Comp

In year four, you take your skills in a scientific discipline, critical theory and history, and traditional art-making and bring them together to produce ambitious, culturally relevant, and technologically engaged Senior Comps that demonstrate a capacity to communicate complex ideas via engaging works of art and design. For minors, the Junior Seminar is your opportunity to join ideas explored in the sciences with artistic aesthetic and design skills.

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career outcomes


Of ASI students learn practical, industry-standard digital design and creative technology skills.


of Allegheny graduates are employed, in grad school, or in full-time service within six months.


Acceptance rate to graduate and professional school for Allegheny students

Adam Cook, Alumnus

Class of 2021

“ I love designing and building things in my free time, and with the new lab on campus, I have access to the fabrication tools to do that. It has been a huge contribution to Allegheny and allows students to really develop their ideas and creativity. ”