Why be just one thing?

“If you want to change the world, learn from it first. ”


Yvonne Allen, Alumna

Allegheny College

“I’ve learned that success isn’t about reaching an end goal — it’s about progress. ”

Headshot of Nicole Foulkrod

Nicole Foulkrod, Student

Biochemistry Major, Psychology Minor

“My passion for conservation drives me to teach younger generations about these opportunities. ”

Headshot of Katherine Brozell

Katherine Brozell, Student

Current Student, Environmental Science and Sustainability Major, Double minor in Biology and Environmental Science

“Being able to use my skills I learned and practiced throughout my studies made me confident that wherever I end up working, I will be successful. ”

Headshot of Michael Gartland

Michael Gartland, Student

Current Student, History Major, English Minor

“At Allegheny, I could try everything. ”

Headshot of Katrina Tulloch

Katrina Tulloch, Alumna

Video Journalist for The Post-Standard and Syracuse.com

“ I can’t say enough about Allegheny. It changed my life. ”

Headshot of Janell Logue-Belden

Janell Logue-Belden, Alumna

Superintendent of Deer Lakes School District

“I consider success to be finding a satisfactory balance in life. ”

Headshot of Tiaralei Cade

Tiaralei Cade, Student

Double majoring in Global Health Studies and Environmental Science & Sustainability

“…seeing what kinds of jobs are out there and talking to people about different careers in biology really sparked my interest in graduate school. ”

Headshot of Kristie Connolly

Kristie Connolly, Alumna

Program Officer for the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

“Allegheny taught me that we all have unique interests and identities. ”

Headshot of Ryan Cole

Ryan Cole, Alumnus

Director of Student Philanthropy at Valparaiso University

“I really believe the Allegheny curriculum develops your skills and teaches you how to learn. ”

Headshot of Dean Phillips

Dean Phillips, Alumnus

Attorney at Morella & Associates

“Success isn’t to be happy but to have done good in the world ”

Eric Pallant, Professor

Environmental Science & Sustainability

“For me it meant learning to ask for help. ”

Genesis Pena, Student

Biology Major, Spanish Minor

“Our system is essentially designed for students like that ”

Shannan Mattiace, Professor

Political Science and International Studies

“To be successful is to be able to take pride in one’s accomplishments in life. ”

Headshot of Tharit Monsereenusorn

Tharit Monsereenusorn, Student

Current Student, Economics Major, Computer Science Major

“I was presented with tremendous opportunities in the community to develop my passion. ”

Headshot of Matt Zaborowski

Matt Zaborowski, Alumnus

Preventative Health Activities Manager for the American Dental Association

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you can be anything you put your mind to. why put your mind to just one thing?

The future is wide open to you right now. There’s a world of things for you to learn. Why would a school teach you only one way to think? Prepare you for just one kind of job? You’re capable of more than that. So we’re going to ask more of you.