Allegheny Physics Students Learn By Doing

Physics students gain hands-on experience through internships and research that takes place across all four years.

Students in the planetarium
Research Facilities

Use state-of-the-art research facilities for your senior comp, independent study, or summer research project alongside faculty. Facilities include a: 

  • Research-grade laser
  • Spectroscopy lab
  • Non-linear optics lab
  • Molecular biophysics lab
  • Wible planetarium

Recent Internships

Cornell National Supercomputer Facility

Air Force Radio-Biological Laboratory

Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Fermi National Laboratory

Argonne National Laboratory

F.S. Seiler Research Lab (USAF)

Naval Research Laboratory

Recent Senior Comps

The Senior Comp is the culmination of four years of experience, imagination, and study. It is the moment when you demonstrate what you’ve learned by teaching us something new.

Tuning into the Milky Way Galaxy’s Frequency: Examining the 21 cm. Emission Line of Interstellar Neutral Hydrogen

Mass Bound and Mass Ejecta in Collisions Between Stars and Black Holes

Investigating the Feasibility of Recycled Thermoplastic Use for Luminescent Solar Concentrator Waveguides

Exploring the Milky Way Through 21 cm Radio Emission: What Can we Observe From Allegheny’s Own Carrden?

Instrumentation of the Gouy Balance Method: An Experimental Technique to Measure Magnetic Susceptibility