Languages, Literature, and Cultures

Environmental Writing Minor

Explore the power of creative expression to inform others about the natural world and shape responses to the environmental challenges that face us today and in the future.

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Your Four-Year Journey

Students often combine Environmental Writing with a major in Art, Environmental Science and Sustainability, History, or Political Science.


You will take at least two courses outside the English Department that will deepen your understanding of the natural environment or of environmental issues. One course must come from the Environmental Science Department, and we strongly recommend ENVSC 110 - Introduction to Environmental Science.

New Approaches

In your first and into your second year, you will study multiple genres of literary works concerning the environment and develop the ability to read carefully and understand the relationship between literary texts, the Environment, and a range of historical and/or literary contexts.

Delving Deeper

Study the craft of fiction, poetry, or nonfiction through critical examination of both professional and student work. Explore areas within that genre and compose works that demonstrate an attention to ecology or environmental concerns.

The Comp

Your focus on creative expression and revision in the Environmental Writing minor will undoubtedly be an asset as you write your Senior Comp in any subject!

Career Outcomes


of Allegheny graduates are employed, in grad school, or in full-time service within six months.


Acceptance rate to graduate and professional school for Allegheny students

Ryan Brewer, Alumnus

English Major/Psychology Minor, Class of 2010; Design Producer, Apple Inc.

“ Nearly every Allegheny class I took impacted the way I think and helped me become the person I am today. I distinctly remember my world view begin to expand in my freshman year environmental science class. Lithography and Geology both deepened the way I thought about poetry in surprising ways. Statistics made me change the way I think about myself and what I’m capable of intellectually. ”