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Communication and Media Major and Minor

Explore the ever-changing field of communication with developed cultural awareness. Working with faculty, you'll engage with content, discover methods, and gain abilities that will expand your perspectives and prepare you for your career and future.

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Communication and Media

Students often combine a Communication and Media major with a minor in Economics, International Studies, Political Science, Studio Art, or Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies.

Engage in digital and live storytelling as a Communication and Media major. Try your hand at filmmaking, journalism, and theatre.

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Analyze how popular culture, civic life, media, politics, and technology shape our society. Ponder the influence of various media.

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Critically reflect on a concept and text of your choosing, whether written or performative, oral or visual, and live or mediated media. Advisors will guide you through different methodologies to reflect critically, which may be applied to your work.

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A research-intensive course marks the final capstone, the Senior Comp. You will connect to historical, cultural, and political contexts for a richer understanding of the original work.

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Andrea Jacoby, Alumna

Communication and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Double Major, Class of 2016

“ We benefit from an incredible faculty and a strong sense of community among students. We all have a tremendous amount of respect for each other’s work and an ethos of encouragement, which I don’t think every school can claim. ”

Career Outcomes


Of Allegheny graduates are employed, in grad school, or if in full-time service within six months of graduation.


Of Communication and Media graduates enter into service programs, such as AmeriCorps.