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How do we build rich and inclusive communities that create a sense of place through the arts and our cultural assets?

Impact Team Scope

Projects within this Impact Team will include place-making efforts, aesthetics, public art, eco-art, visual, performing, creative arts, work with institutions of display (historical societies, museums, galleries), cultural events, projects related to food.


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Goodell Gardens Environmental History and Interpretive Signage Project

Goodell Garden's & Homestead belonged to Carrie and Margaret Goodell - sisters who left their farm property to the Erie Community Foundation in order to preserve their homestead and turn it into a public garden.
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Devised Theatre/Arts Curriculum

Students worked with local kids from Meadville to create theatre over several weeks.
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Public Arts Feasibility and Commission Design

Developed the foundation for a Public Arts Program in Meadville by conducting and investigating research on commissioning and maintaining public art projects.
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Book Arts Exhibition at the Meadville Public Library

ART 545 students organized the exhibition, "Unbound: What's Your Story," and related educational programming featuring contemporary book arts.
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