Community Impact Hub

Impact Teams


We accomplish more together, which is why we have organized ourselves into 5 Impact Teams.

These teams represent grand challenges that all communities encounter. The task of each team is to create goals that will orient strategic collaborative partnerships.

Each Impact Team is led by a steering committee, consisting of faculty, staff, students, and community partners with expertise in the respective area.


Health and Wellbeing

Projects within this Impact Team will include initiatives that improve and/or explore public health, health policy, and all physical, emotional, and mental health programs as well as initiatives that encourage outdoor recreation, increased movement, activity, and societal engagement.

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Education and Social Development

Projects within this Impact Team will include partnerships designed to facilitate educational access, equity, inclusion, and achievement for all age groups within our diverse communities. This group will strive to build more resilient and engaged communities by increasing each individual’s sense of belonging.

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Environment and Sustainability

Projects within this Impact Team will include collaborations that improve the human connection with nature, support land/habitat/species management, restoration, conservation, and efforts to improve sustainability (agriculture, energy, etc.).

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Community and Economic Development

Projects within this Impact Area will include efforts that increase economic opportunity. Our work will improve quality of life and build wealth in our community. We seek to support projects that prepare local people to secure high-quality jobs and start or expand new enterprises.

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Arts and Culture

Projects within this Impact Team will include place-making efforts, aesthetics, public art, eco-art, visual, performing, creative arts, work with institutions of display (historical societies, museums, galleries), cultural events, projects related to food.

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