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How do we build a sustainable world that allows the human and more-than-human community to flourish?

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Projects within this Impact Team will include collaborations that improve the human connection with nature, support land/habitat/species management, restoration, conservation, and efforts to improve sustainability (agriculture, energy, etc.).


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Meadville Community Gardens Inventory & Management Plan

In order to promote the success and sustainability of community gardens in Meadville, Cam's summer 2023 project attempted to take an inventory of the existing gardens and outline their overarching organizational structure.
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Goodell Gardens Plant Survey

Elizabeth's summer 2023 research at Goodell Gardens and Homestead consisted of identifying and keeping an inventory of the organization's plants.
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Goddard State Park Water Quality Assessment: Analysis of Mussels on Sandy Creek

Pete and Elizabeth conducted a water quality assessment survey for the Sandy Lake dam outflow at Goddard State Park.
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Bessemer Trail Interpretive Signage Project

Samantha's summer 2023 project focused on the creation and implementation of different interpretive signs along a newly-approved loop trail.
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5th Ward Land Use Feasibility Study

Anthony worked with the City of Meadville's Redevelopment Authority to develop a flood mitigation plan for the 5th Ward neighborhood, but through research and resource limitation, the project direction turned to a land-use study in order to benefit its residents based on their voiced needs and concerns.
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Solar Energy Installation Project

Over the 2022/2023 academic year, Professor Ian Carbone and students in the Allegheny’s Department of Environmental Science and Sustainability carried out a grant-funded solar installation at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Meadville.
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BioBlitz Clark Island

Pymatuning State Park requested a “BioBlitz” of Clark Island on the northern end of Pymatuning Reservoir to update a database created in 2003 by the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy. During the first “blitz,” 58 species were identified. 
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