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Allegheny College Community Impact Hub

Allegheny College’s Community Impact Hub supports efforts to build a more just, resilient, and flourishing place. Through this collaborative network, students are mentored to apply and integrate their knowledge, develop leadership skills, discern career paths and develop a commitment to engaged citizenship. Discover more on our site.

“The Hub” at Allegheny College is our response to the question of how a college can support the efforts within a region to build a more just, resilient and flourishing place.

The Hub is a strategic and collaborative network of community partners, faculty, staff, and students held within five Impact Teams that use a Collect Impact model to determine shared goals and outcomes. Faculty and students work within the Impact Team framework to support capacity building and community improvement efforts by incorporating community projects into the curriculum and engagement efforts of the college.

Being immersed in the “messiness” of such efforts and being mentored by community practitioners allows for students to develop both personally and professionally. To learn more, please read the stories on this site and fill out the contact form.


Since the summer of 2020:






Community Partners


Within the five Impact Teams, both faculty and students participate in various initiatives to support the region’s capacity-building and community improvement efforts.

This involvement includes integrating community projects into the college’s curriculum and engagement activities. By doing so, students are exposed to the real-world complexities and challenges faced by communities, and they receive mentorship from experienced community practitioners.

Students get to apply their knowledge in practical settings and learn how to navigate complex situations, they have the opportunity to develop leadership skills and explore potential career paths and develop a deeper commitment to engaged citizenship.

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