E. Kalé Haywood
Associate Professor of History; Department Chair of History, Jewish Studies, Philosophy, Public Humanities, Religion in American Life
Latin America; colonialism and the era of independence; Mexican history; ecclesiastical and institutional history
Office: (814) 332-4306
Arter Hall 206, Box 27


Paula Burleigh
Assistant Professor of Art History; Program Co-Chair of Public Humanities; Director, Allegheny Art Galleries
Doane Hall of Art A206, Box 23
Headshot of Paula Burleigh
Delia Byrnes
Assistant Professor of Environmental Science and Sustainability
Carr Hall 210, Box E
Headshot of Delia Byrnes
Dara Coleby Delgado
Assistant Professor of Religion in American Life
History of Religion in the U.S.; History and Theology of American Pentecostalism; the role of race, gender, and popular culture in American Christianity during the modern era
Office: (814) 332-2166
Oddfellows Building 109, Box 95
Headshot of Dara Coleby Delgado
Douglas Luman
Assistant Professor of Computer Science; Affiliated Faculty, Art
Digital humanities; sonification; literary criticism
Office: (814) 332-2881
Alden Hall 112
Headshot of Douglas Luman
Brian Miller
Assistant Professor of History; Program Co-Chair of Public Humanities
Public History; Migration & Diaspora Studies; Transnational & Globalization Studies; Middle East and North African Studies
Office: (814) 332-4302
Arter Hall 207, Box 27
Headshot of Brian Miller
Alyssa Ribeiro
Associate Professor of History
Modern US History; Urban History; Race and Ethnicity
Office: (814) 332-4319
Arter Hall 214, Box 27
Headshot of Alyssa Ribeiro
Byron Rich
Associate Professor of Art; Director of Academic Innovation Partnerships; Assistant Provost of Academic Innovation; Chair of the Department of Art
Digital culture; robotics; new-media art
Office: (814) 332-3381
Pelletier Library 237, Box 23
Headshot of Byron Rich
Barbara Shaw
Associate Professor of Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Office: (814) 332-2097
Oddfellows Building 217, Box 95
Headshot of Barbara Shaw
Ishita Sinha-Roy
Professor of Communication & Media
Media studies
Headshot of Ishita Sinha Roy