History Major and Minor

We treat history as an interpretive endeavor, investigating from various points of view the ways in which individuals and social groups have sought to order and understand their world across time.

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History At A Glance


Of Allegheny College History graduates are employed full-time, in graduate school, or completing post-graduate service within eight months of graduation.

“How do we know?”

We prioritize the skills that enable us to understand the historical past, and to present our understanding and interpretation to others. Rather than asking "what happened?" in a specific place and time, we ask "how do we know?"

The History Major

100- and 200-level courses on colonial and modern America, Latin America, China, Europe, and the Middle East.

Sophomore seminar in historical methodology; 300-level courses on special topics such as modern Chinese warfare, American environmental history, or Middle East nationalisms.

Junior Seminar in a topic such as Witchcraft in Colonial America or Mexican identities.

The Senior Project builds on students' experiences in previous courses as students complete a substantial independent research essay; the History Department also encourages students to draw on their experiences in internships and has funding to support student research for the project.

Learning outcomes

The primary program outcome is to develop an historian’s skills, including reading, writing, speaking, and critical inquiry. Our learning goals are designed to:

Reinforce the complex relationship between past and present.

Promote greater awareness of difference.

Develop the skills — research, writing, and analysis — that are essential parts of the historian’s craft.

Maya Metzger, Alumna

Class of 2016, History Major, Art History Minor

“ Allegheny College has been a great place for me to cultivate important skills that will be useful throughout the rest of my life such as critical thinking, interpersonal communication, and evaluating sources. ”

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