Sami Alkyam
Assistant Professor of Arabic and Interim Chair of International Studies
Modern Arabic literature and cultural studies; film and television studies; gender and sexuality studies; trauma and war novel; Arabic dictator novels; postcolonial and literary translation theory.
Headshot of Sami Alkyam
Thomas Conners
Assistant Professor of Latinx Studies and World Languages & Cultures
Latinx, Ethnic, and Latin American Studies; queer, affect, and critical race theories
Office: (814) 332-3389
Ruter 102, Box 30
Headshot of Tommy Conners
Chris Finaret
Assistant Professor
Development economics; policy, strategy, and programming evaluation; Central Africa; Colombia
Office: (814) 332-3340
Quigley Hall 225
E. Kalé Haywood
Associate Professor of History
Latin America; colonialism and the era of independence; Mexican history; ecclesiastical and institutional history
Headshot of Kale Haywood
Wilfredo Hernández
Professor of Spanish
Contemporary Latin American production; Venezuelan literature; Gender and Transgender Studies; Hispanic cinema; and the culture of illicit drugs in the Americas
Office: (814) 332-2319
Ruter 200, Box 30
Teresa Herrera-de la Muela
Associate Professor of Spanish
Theatre of the 19th and 20th centuries; popular culture; ideology studies; Spanish television during the transition
Office: (814) 332-2325
Ruter 208, Box 30
Reem Hilal
Associate Professor of Arabic
Contemporary Arabic Literature; Arab American literature; identity; diasporic Muslim and Arab communities
Office: (814) 332-3310
Ruter 105, Box 30
Shanna Kirschner
Associate Professor
Middle Eastern politics, especially in the Levant, ethnic conflict, and civil war; international organizations, human rights, and democratization
Headshot of Shanna Kirschner
Briana Lewis
Associate Professor of French
19th century French literature, particularly the novel and the works of Victor Hugo; questions of individual, political, and social identity; narrative and narrative forms; women in literature
Headshot of Briana Lewis
Julia Ludewig
Associate Professor of German
Literary theory and history of literary criticism; graphic novels; pedagogy of current issues in German politics and culture; GDR history; popular culture, especially visual culture
Office: (814) 332-2327
Ruter 206, Box 30
Shannan Mattiace
Professor of Political Science and International Studies
Criminal violence in Mexico; ethnic politics and social movements in Mexico and Latin America; immigration to the U.S.; U.S.-Mexico border issues
Headshot of Shannon Mattiace
Brian JK Miller
Assistant Professor
Modern Turkey; Modern Germany; Middle East and North African Studies; Migration & Diaspora Studies; Transnational & Globalization Studies
Office: (814) 332-4302
Arter Hall 202B
Headshot of Brian Miller
Rebecca Oliver
Assistant Professor of Political Science
European politics; comparative political economy; political institutions; inequality; social policy; labor politics
Office: (814) 332-3344
Quigley Hall 113
Stephen Onyeiwu
Andrew Wells Robertson Professor of Economics
Management of innovation and technology; managerial economics; economic development (with a focus on Africa and the Middle East); globalization and international political economy
Office: (814) 332-3338
Quigley Hall 206
Ken Pinnow
The History of Medical Ethics, Criminology, and the Social Sciences in Russia and the Soviet Union; Modern European History; Eastern Europe and Russian History; Medical History
Office: (814) 332-4308
Arter Hall 204
Headshot of Ken Pinnow
Barbara Riess
Professor of Spanish; Chair of World Languages and Cultures
20th-century Latin American culture; literature of the Cuban Revolution; Latin American women’s literature; translation studies; feminist and postmodern debates
Office: (814) 332-2323
Ruter 107, Box 30
Sharon Wesoky
Professor of Political Science
Chinese politics; transnationalism; gender politics and society; globalization and state-society relations in China and East Asia; feminism, civil society, and intellectual criticism in contemporary China
Office: (814) 332-3343
Quigley Hall 116
Guo Wu
Associate Professor
Imperial and Modern China; Intellectual History; the Chinese Communist Movement; Women’s History; Military History
Office: (814) 332-4307
Arter Hall 211, Box 27