Allegheny mathematics students learn through problem solving

We’ll give you the tools develop the analytical and reasoning skills that not only prepare you to be a mathematician, but also a lifelong problem solver.

Our mathematician students expand their horizons through internships, student-faculty research, community engagement, study away, and more.

Professor pointing to a chalk board
William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition

Each year several Allegheny math majors participate in the William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition, the premier national undergraduate mathematics problem-solving competition, which attracts the best and brightest mathematics majors from across the nation.

Student presenting at a podium
Undergraduate Speaker Series

Since 1972, this speaker series has brought Allegheny students into contact with many nationally and internationally prominent mathematicians.  Currently, the math department is host to a distinguished guest speaker each year.

Student-Faculty Collaboration

Many mathematics students carry out independent research or collaborative research with faculty in addition to the Senior Comp, with a variety of opportunities to interact with faculty on and off campus.


Recent Senior Comps

Application and Analysis of Burnside’s Theorem

The Probability and Moment-Generating Functions for Elementary Patterns of Coin Tossing

Computing Jones Polynomials for Knots and Links Using Braid Words

Dirichlet Norms of Composition Operators Generated by Univalent Full-Mappings