Allegheny computer class
Allegheny Informatics Students Learn By Doing

Informatic students refine their skills with hardware and software from:

  • Becoming a technical leader
  • Enrolling in the Carnegie Mellon 3-2 Program
  • Joining the Cupper Scholars Program
  • Conducting an independent study or summer research
  • Applying for an internship
  • Leading research for their Senior Comp
Ethics Technical Leaders

Become an ethics technical leader.

Computer Science Year 2
Computer Science Year 1
Carnegie Mellon 3-2 Program

Allegheny College has an agreement with the Heinz College of Carnegie Mellon University to offer a 3-2 cooperative program.

Students who enroll in this accelerated master’s degree program will complete three years of study at Allegheny College and two years at Carnegie Mellon University. Upon completing this program, the student will receive a bachelor’s and master’s degree in less time than is usually required to earn both degrees.

Cupper Scholars Program

If you’re interested in collaborative research with a faculty member at Allegheny College, join the Cupper Scholars Program. The program provides students with additional mentoring and research opportunities.

Computer Science Year 4
Computer Science Research
Research Opportunities

Conduct summer research or an independent study. Often projects are created with the intention of open-source use for millions of users to benefit from the application.

Recent Internships

Xerox Corporation

Print and digital document products and services

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Lincoln Laboratory

Aircraft manufacturer

Platinum Technology

Computer software

Microsoft Corporation

Technology company

TruFit Solutions

Computer software


Digital marketing agency


IT security company

Recent Senior Comps

The Senior Comp is the culmination of four years of experience, imagination, and study. It is the moment when you demonstrate what you’ve learned by teaching us something new.

French Development Aid in Senegal: An Analysis of French Bilateral, Multilateral, and Nongovernmental Project Models

State Capitalism in China: The Guangdong model vs. The Chongqing Model

Considering Extinction: The Anthropocene, Zoos, and Human Divorce from the Natural

Data Science Within Marketing: A Statistical Analysis on the Impact of Customer Segmentation on Purchase Decision