Visual and Performing Arts

Industrial Design

New for Fall 2023

Innovating with art and design

The industrial design major complements the College’s Art, Science and Innovation programs. In this major, not typically offered at an undergraduate level in a liberal arts context, students work at the intersection of art, design and practical problem-solving to produce innovative products that engage with emerging technological and cultural trends to develop design solutions. Technologies explored include robotics, artificial intelligence, modeling software, and production techniques such as 3D printing and CNC machining.

Your Four-Year Journey

Your first year experience is designed to prepare your mind for everything that follows. The courses you take will prepare you to think critically, communicate creatively, and question everything.

As a sophomore, you’ll declare your major and select your mentor. But that’s just the start of it. You’ll also be asked to choose a minor from an alternate discipline to keep your perspectives fresh and your mind wide open.

As you delve deeper and take on a Junior Seminar, you’ll develop an even more eloquent understanding of your chosen fields. And you’ll begin to focus on improving your research skills and rhetorical ability in preparation for your Senior Comp.

One of the accomplishments our alumni are most proud of is their Senior Comp. Every Allegheny student must research, propose, create, and defend an original creative or critical project. You’ll be paired with a mentor throughout the project, and the experience will prepare you well for any step you take after graduation.