Jennie Votava
Frederick F. Seely Chair of English Literature; Associate Professor of English
Renaissance literature and culture; Shakespeare performance and adaptation; race studies; queer studies; literature and medicine
Office: (814) 332-4334
Odd Fellows 216


Sarah Buckner
Assistant Professor of English
American Literature; African American Literature; Black Studies; Queer Studies; Affect Theory
Office: (814) 332-4333
Odd Fellows 218
Headshot of Sarah Buckner
M. Soledad Caballero
Professor of English; WGSS Co-Chair
British Romanticism; travel; writing; Interdisciplinary and Post-colonialism
Headshot of M. Soledad Caballero
Mari Christmas
Writer in Residence
Fiction Writing; American Literature; Black Studies; Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Office: (814) 332 4337
Odd Fellows 233
Headshot of Mari Christmas
Matthew J. Ferrence
Associate Professor of English
Nonfiction Writing; Fiction Writing; Appalachian Studies; American Literature
Office: (814) 332-4339
Odd Fellows 225
Headshot of Matthew Ferrence
D. Alexis Hart
Professor of English; Director of Writing
Writing Studies; Writing Centers; Undergraduate Research; Veteran Studies
Office: (814) 332-6296
Odd Fellows 231
Headshot of D. Alexis Hart
Jennifer Hellwarth
Professor of English
Medieval and Early Modern Literature; Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies; History of Medicine; European and Arabic Magic and Medicine
Office: (814) 332-4324
Odd Fellows 232
John MacNeill Miller
Associate Professor of English
Victorian Literature; Animal Studies; Ecocriticism; Environmental Humanities
Office: (814) 332-4331
Odd Fellows 234
Headshot of John MacNeill Miller
Benjamin Slote
Professor of English
American Literature and Culture
Office: (814) 332-4322
Odd Fellows 235
Susan Slote
Assistant Professor; Director of Education Studies; Thomas M. and Sarah Stewart St. Clair Professorship
Office: (814) 332-4327
Odd Fellows 229
Allison Wilkins Bakken
Visiting Assistant Professor of English
Creative Writing: Poetry, Nonfiction, Fiction, American Literature, Animal Studies, 20th C. British and Anglophone Literature
Office: (814) 332-3237
Odd Fellows 208