Languages, Literature, and Culture

English Major: Emphasis in Creative Writing

As an Allegheny English—Creative Writing student, you'll explore how writers construct meaning and express the human experience. We'll prepare you for your future by cultivating deep thinking, insightful analysis, and compelling expression.

Your Four-Year Journey

Students often combine an English major with a minor in Biology, Education Studies, Environmental Science & Sustainability, Global Health Studies, or Neuroscience.


Start with the basics; take your pick between studying the craft of fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction, as well as British or Shakespearean literatures. You will also delve into literature from other cultures, including LatinX, Asian-American/Diasporic, and African-America/Diasporic.

New Approaches

Take courses devoted to the close study of form throughout fiction, poetry, drama, or nonfiction. You can even explore children's literature or study the works of a single major British, American, or other Anglophone author.

Delving Deeper

In your third year, you will take the Junior Seminar, which emphasizes frequent discussions and individual research projects in literary studies. The seminar is required for English majors in the junior year. You may take more than one seminar, and seminars are open to non-majors with permission of the instructor.

The Comp

Typical fourth year courses consist of advanced workshops that will engage you as both a writer and critical reader. You will also complete your Senior Comp in creative writing (poetry, fiction, or creative non-fiction), written under the supervision of an English department faculty member.

Xóchitl Manuel Márquez, Alumnus

Mathematics and English—Creative Writing Double Major, Class of 2016

“ I love how small and intimate the English Department at Allegheny feels. I’ve really connected with many of the professors and have received some great life advice. Their passion for their subject is palpable. ”

Career Outcomes


Of English students report employment within the first eight months of graduation (popular fields: writing/editing, education, publishing, advertising, public relations, and business).


Acceptance rate to graduate/professional school for English students — about 80 percent of our majors ultimately seek an advanced degree in a wide range of fields, including education, writing, literature, business, and law.