Timothy Chapp
Associate Professor
Synthetic mimics of enzyme active sites
Office: (814) 332-5324
Doane Hall of Chemistry C206, Box 15


Matt Betush
Assistant Professor
Office: (814) 332-5352
Doane Hall of Chemistry C117, Box 15
Alice Deckert
Kinetic approach to reaction mechanisms
Office: (814) 332-5329
Doane Hall of Chemistry C005, Box 15
Ivelitza Garcia
Associate Professor
Structure and function of RNA binding proteins; biophysical and molecular biology methods for investigating interactions between RNA and proteins
Office: (814) 332-5357
Doane Hall of Chemistry C015, Box 15
Beth Guldan
Assistant Professor
Office: (814) 332-2985
Doane Hall of Chemistry C212, Box 15
Shaun Murphree
Synthetic methodology using polyfunctional sulfones; synthesis of furan-containing compounds of biological relevance; development of methods for microwave-assisted organic synthesis (MAOS)
Office: (814) 332-5358
Doane Hall of Chemistry C215, Box 15
P.J. Persichini
Associate Professor
Office: (814) 332-5359
Doane Hall of Chemistry C112, Box 15
Headshot of PJ Persichini