Tomas Nonnenmacher
Patricia B. Tippie Endowed Professor in Economics
Industrial organization; economic history; new institutional economics


Chris Allison ’83
Entrepreneur in Residence
Managerial Economics; Entrepreneurship; Financial Literacy; Investing Theory; Writing; Public Speaking
Timothy P. Bianco
Assistant Professor
Macroeconomics; financial economics; time series econometrics; international economics
Office: (814) 332-3244
Quigley Hall 226
Chris Finaret
Assistant Professor
Development economics; policy, strategy, and programming evaluation
Office: (814) 332-3340
Quigley Hall 225
Yunyun Lv
Visiting Assistant Professor
Office: (814) 332-3342
Quigley Hall 210
Francisco Navarro-Sanchez
Visiting Assistant Professor
Stephen Onyeiwu
Andrew Wells Robertson Professor of Economics
Management of innovation and technology; managerial economics; economic development (with a focus on Africa and the Middle East); globalization and international political economy
Office: (814) 332-3338
Quigley Hall 206
Russell Ormiston
Associate Professor
Labor economics; sports economics; the economics of the construction industry
Office: (814) 332-2887
Quigley Hall 208
Xiaohan Sun
Assistant Professror
Office: (814) 332-3346
Quigley Hall 211
Jill Waugh
Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics
Accounting; taxation; fraud
Office: (814) 332-3347
Quigley Hall 207
Aisha Yusuf
Assistant Professor
Hang Zhao
Visiting Assistant Professor
Office: (814) 332-3337
Quigley Hall 118