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The future is wide open to you right now. There’s a world of things for you to learn. Why would a school teach you only one way to think? Prepare you for one kind of job? You’re capable of more than that!

At Allegheny College, students explore their passions through faculty-mentored research and learn to think critically from multiple perspectives. This keeps your mind open to fresh possibilities and new understandings.


Academics & Research

Allegheny is one of the few colleges in the country where students have both a major and a minor in different disciplines. Students explore their personal and academic passions through our innovative major and minor combinations leading to great jobs and graduate school opportunities. All students complete faculty-mentored research. Allegheny is consistently honored among the nation’s top liberal arts institutions for undergraduate teaching, research, and first-year experience.

Student Life & Study Abroad

At Allegheny, opportunities to pursue one’s interests are limited only by the imagination – there’s never a dull moment! Our students create, laugh, dance, play, explore, and serve together every day. Embrace diversity through our Culture, Identity, & Leadership Coalition. With more than 130 student-led organizations, sets the stage for a vibrant college experience. You can also spend a few weeks, a semester or a full year through one of our study abroad programs.

Athletics & Recreation

The Gators field 23 NCAA Division III athletic teams. As a founding member of the NCAA, we are committed to the philosophy that athletics can and should complement academic life rather than compete with it. We also offer a range of club and intramural sports, from ice hockey to spikeball and pickleball to rock climbing.

Meadville & Northwestern PA

Allegheny's campus is perched on a hill overlooking Meadville, which has been recognized as one of the Top 100 Places to Live. Allegheny students do everything from enjoying live local music to taking in the latest movies, from creating art installations to getting outdoors for hiking, canoeing, and more.

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