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You can be anything you put your mind to. Why put it to just one thing?

The future is wide open to you right now. There’s a world of things for you to learn. Why would a school teach you only one way to think? Prepare you for just one kind of job? You’re capable of more than that. So we’re going to ask more of you.

At Allegheny College, we take a mind over major approach to learning. Here, it’s not rigid career paths or constant lecture halls. It’s exploring your passions, discovering the world around you, and actually learning about what you’re interested in.

We ask our students to declare themselves, twice. First pick a major of your choice. Then choose a minor you’re interested in from an alternate discipline. This approach keeps minds wide open to fresh possibilities, new understanding, and different perspectives. Because if you want to be the kind of person who stands out in life, you need to learn outside the lines.

Tell us more about you — and explore where an Allegheny education can take you.

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Tell us more about you — and learn about turning your own combinations of interests into extraordinary outcomes


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