Allegheny Award Recipients

From 2002 to 2021, The Allegheny Review awarded annual prizes in poetry and prose, judged by writers visiting campus for Allegheny’s Single Voice Reading series. Below are listed the winners and judges from those years.

  • Vol. 38 (2020-21)
    Prose: Emma Wolfe, “Night Fishing” (chosen by Jericho Parms)
    Poetry: Phoenix Kendall, “Daddy Issues” (chosen by Graham Barnhart)
  • Vol. 37 (2019)
    Prose: Skye Tait, “A Thousand Ships” (chosen by Dustin Parsons)
    Poetry: Maurice Norman, “Loose Gravel” (chosen by Aimee Nezhukumatathil)
  • Vol. 36 (2018)
    Prose: Annie Hilenski, “Near Fall” (chosen by BJ Hollars)
    Poetry: Sofia Fall, “For You, If You Would Take Our Bodies” (chosen by Natalie Scenters-Zapico)
  • Vol. 34/35 (2016-17 Double Issue)
    Prose: Rachel Krumenacker, “The High Place Phenomenon” (chosen by Catherine Chung)
    Poetry: Anna Goodson, “Anacuisus” (chosen by Nickole Brown and Jessica Jacobs)
  • Vol. 33 (2015)
    Prose: Katie Antonsson, “Santa Ana” (chosen by Harrison Candelaria Fletcher)
    Poetry: Kelly Barraza, “Sunday Meditations” (chosen by Eduardo C. Corral)
  • Vol. 32 (2014)
    Poetry: Emily Pittinos, “Benzie County, Michigan” (chosen by Richard Blanco)
    Prose: Ben Sandman, “Midway” (chosen by Benjamin Busch)
  • Vol. 30 (2012)
    Poetry: Nicole Balin, “los angeles” (chosen by Shara McCallum)
    Prose: Andrew Waddell, “Wells” (chosen by Pam Houston)
  • Vol. 29 (2011)
    Poetry: Erin Dakas, “Thunderdays” (chosen by Andrew Hudgins)
    Prose: Steven Reaugh, “Dough Soul” (chosen by Scott Russell Sanders)
  • Vol. 28 (2010)
    Poetry: Samuel Holley, “A Balloon or a Key” (chosen by Geoffrey Brock)
    Prose: Simon Han, “And a Pack of Gum” (chosen by Padma Viswanathan)
  • Vol. 27 (2009)
    Poetry: Jacques Rancourt, “Aubade with Two Moose” (chosen by Mark Doty)
    Prose: Marilyn Miller, “The Snake Wrangler” (chosen by Paul Lisicky)
  • Vol. 26 (2008)
    Poetry: Robert Campbell, “An Appalachian Book of the Dead” (chosen by Philip Terman)
    Prose: Mackenzie Shay, “Our Circle” (chosen by Christopher Castellani)
  • Vol. 25 (2007)
    Poetry: Zebulon Husset, “Shooting Stars” (chosen by Marilyn Chin)
    Prose: Ashley Wurzbacher, “The Invisible” (chosen by Christina Milletti)
  • Vol. 24 (2006)
    Poetry: Amanda Auchter, “Birthmother Poem” (chosen by Beth Gylys)
    Prose: Ben Goldfarb, “Awful Knowledge” (chosen by Sarah Willis)
  • Vol. 23 (2005)
    Poetry: Karen Zaino, “Hymen” (chosen by Richard Howard)
    Prose: Karl Stampfl, “The Other Grace Mandlebaum” (chosen by Joanna Scott)
  • Vol. 22 (2004)
    Poetry: Ingrid Moody, “Onions” (chosen by Aliki Barnstone)
    Prose: Camron Terwilliger, “Lighthouse Keeper” (chosen by Christopher Tilghman)
  • Vol. 21 (2003)
    Poetry: Nilay Gandhi, “Derrida’s Cow” (chosen by Jane McCafferty)
    Prose: Alex Taylor, “Dog Births” and Ann Karni, “Bus Girl” (chosen by Jane McCafferty)
  • Vol 20 (2002)
    Poetry: Jennifer Whitaker, “Lines” (chosen by Robert Phillips)
    Prose: Noelle Hufnagel, “Expecting” (chosen by Robert Phillips)