Interdisciplinary Studies

Jewish Studies Minor

In Jewish Studies, we examine the religion, culture, and history of the Jewish people. You'll gain an in-depth understanding of the experience and vital contributions of the Jewish people as an integral part of Western civilization and world history, and of Judaism as the matrix of the West’s religious foundations and thought.

Jewish Studies Class

Your Four-Year Journey

Students often combine Jewish Studies with

Jewish Studies begins with an introductory course, which delves into the Jewish people's religious, social, and political history and the practices that enliven Jewish life.

In the second year, consider taking an introductory history course on European or Middle Eastern history. You can also study a Religious Studies course on the Hebrew Bible or the history of the Jewish community in Meadville.

In the third year, students often take a mid-level political science course on war and peace in the Middle East or a women's, gender, and sexuality course on social movements.

In the fourth year, you could take an upper-level course in religious studies on Jewish ethics or Judaism, Justice, and Food.

Zachary Canali, Alumnus

Class of 2019, History and Religious Studies Double Major, Jewish Studies Minor

“ It doesn’t matter if you have never heard of Judaism or if you have practiced it your entire life, you will definitely learn something new every single day. ”