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Integrative Informatics Major

Society needs leaders who can harness the power of information — and use it to solve pressing challenges. The Integrative Informatics major prepares students to thrive in a world where mountains of data can shape nearly every aspect of life.

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Integrative Informatics at a glance


Focus Modules


Academic areas are represented in core courses.

Students combine core courses in computer science, communication, and art.

Students focus in areas that align with their goals. Students choose from several interdisciplinary modules, including:





Media and Visual Production

How are information and computation shaping our worlds?

In Integrative Informatics, we help students to build a foundation of knowledge in computer science, communication, and art courses. Students build on this foundation by following their interests in interdisciplinary modules.

Your first year is a time to build foundations and explore your interests! Students might take introductory courses in computer science or communication to begin to understand computational and media systems. And explore a bit too! Check out introductory courses in the various modules to hone in on what matters to you.

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In your second year, you'll continue to build your foundation, taking more advanced courses in computer science, art, and communications. Take a few more module classes as well! Once you declare your major and are paired with a faculty member in Integrative Informatics, work with your advisor to think through your module choice.

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In your third year, you'll really dig into your module. Spend some time thinking about how information and computation intersect with your module area, and begin to build your own questions about informatics in your Junior Seminar. Work with your advisor to choose a Junior Seminar that will give you the space to develop intellectually in your interest area.

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In your senior year, you'll embark on the Senior Comp two-semester process. You'll take INFM 600 in your fall semester and INFM 610 in your spring semester. In the fall, you'll propose your project and get started on library research related to it. In the spring, you'll produce your original project!

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Our students use computational methods to think about a range of areas

The goal is to understand, analyze, and develop information systems from multiple perspectives.

Next Steps

Early Decision App Deadline

November 15, 2022

Regular Decision App Deadline

February 15, 2023

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Amelia Finaret

Associate Professor, Program Director, Integrative Informatics